OTT TV Streaming Platform

Over the top content has evolved the way people engage in the internet. For any businesses, regardless of their size and capacity, OTT has opened new opportunities to reach out to more potential customers. Video365 helps contents owners to stream their content from their own OTT TV in high definition video and high audio quality anytime anywhere.

User-friendly UI

Simple yet sophisticated

Our simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy for any individual with minimal technical expertise to understand and operate the OTT TV platform.

Completely customizable dashboards and single page design for managing the content makes the process even more simple and fast.

over the top ott tv

Better Monetization

It does not take money to earn money

Explore new revenue generating opportunities with our ad integration feature.

With a rich set of Ad plugins, we facilitate an easy integration of video platform with various Ad engines.

Our OTT TV enables AVOD and SVOD models to best suit your requirements.
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over the top ott tv

Multi-device and Platform support

Diversity always surprises

Video365 automatically picks the best format for a browser or device and plays adaptive streaming content in formats like MPEG-DASH or Apple HLS.

End users can view content from any device, including Windows/Mac Desktop, Android, Windows, IOS phones or tablets.

over the top ott tv
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