Be it an enterprise, a small business or an everyday consumer, everyone wants their data to remain authentic and exclusive.
Video365’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media.

Data Encryption

Our encryption modules offer content protection from the time it leaves your computer and till it travels through the stages of storage, processing and delivery.

The content is protected through Dynamic Media Encryption(DME) which saves on storage costs and lowers costs if you want to change the content encryption code.

For DRM enabled videos, if a viewer downloads video content by any browser with download extensions/tools/software, the content cannot be played.


Video DRM

Economical Solutions

Video365 reduces the encoding costs by on the fly encryption wherein the media services store only one copy of standard multiple bit rates and replicating it when needed.

We also manage to avoid the overhead cost of buying video DRM permits for each browser and integrating with all DRM solutions into a single cost effective package.

Video DRM

Multi-DRM Support

We at Video365 believe in diversity, hence our DRM suit supports multiple browsers like Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine DRM, and Apple Fairplay.

Our multi-DRM supports leading industry standards and makes the data usable and secure across all devices.

Video DRM
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