Customized Online Video Player

video player is like a salesperson; it sells your content.

Keeping this in mind, our team has developed an online video player that offers some attractive set of options to choose from, depending on a user’s content and brand style.



Share it on Social Media

Increase your overall presence.

Share the videos across social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in just click of a mouse button.


Ensure copyright violation safety by a watermark/title placed over your video, thus retaining ownership of the content wherever it floats

Playback speed

Speed up or slow down as per your need.

With Video365’s online video player, one can easily control the playback speed of any media file. Fast forwarding the video can help you skim through the content whereas slowing down lets you dig into the details.

Auto play

An auto played video drags the user attention at once without any extra effort.

Auto play lets the video play automatically without waiting for the viewer to click on the video play button. Our online video player supports auto play in both single video and playlists as well.

Zoom in-out

Close-up or a bird’s eye view.

The users are free to choose the percentage of zooming and the portion of the screen they want to dig into.

Thumbnail generation

An appealing thumbnail attracts more viewers than a default one as it maps the video to its content.

Video365’s online video player enables a user to use a thumbnail of their choice to produce a magnetic effect for the video.

Embed logo

A logo depicts the core thoughts of a business to their customers.

To increase your brand visibility and promote the brand value, Video365 facilitates embedding of the company’s logo into the video effortlessly.

Personalized video player color

The monotonous black and grey days are over.

We provide a wide variety of player themes, background color and seek bar color options that best suits your brand color, logo and website.

Multi-Device and Multiscreen Support

Get same overall viewing experience from a single Online Video Player.
Video365 has a wide collection of API’s and libraries that support multiple devices with diversified software platforms and varied screen resolutions.

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