Fastest Content Delivery Network For Video Streaming.

The internet has evolved and now it is all about speed and efficiency. Video365’s CDN is strategically placed at different physical locations across the provide you high bandwidth video delivery. This CDN speeds up loading time, saves bandwidth and improves overall video delivery experience.


CDN Near You

Our goal is to improve site rendering speed and video delivery performance, we host our platform in India.

With the integrated CDN capabilities, viewers from India need not make several trans-continental connections while accessing their content.

These localized CDNs are closer to the viewers and provide faster streaming and downloads.

Video Delivery

Pay per usage

We believe in smart spending and we implement the same in our products.

With our efficient monitoring system, you don’t have to pay for the video services you never availed.

Video365 monitors your usage and bills accordingly.

All you have to pay is the cost as per the usage.

Video Delivery

Integration with CDN providers

Video365 is built using Azure infrastructure, hence it has the flexibility to integrate with video delivery CDN providers like Akamai and Verizon.

Readily available content increases the end user content delivery speed.

Video Delivery
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